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download free mp4 movies for android


How to download free MP4 movies for Android? Here are methods and detailed steps for your reference.The best thing about technology is that it has evolved much faster in a very small span on time. The people living an ordinary life some 70-90 years back would have never imagined things changing so fast. Right from the invention of the electricity to the invention of phone, everything seemed so fast. It may not seem fast to science but for the normal people, it is surely a very big and drastic change in the field of technology. In this article, we have something interesting coming up through which you can learn to download free mp4 movies for android.In the earlier days, phones were mainly used to make calls and send text messages (SMS) but sooner the phones became smart and we got introduced to a newer term known as ‘Smartphones’. Today, we can easily do various kind of stuff on our Android smartphones right from listening to music to watching a movie. When it comes to movies, it is always better to download them and watch it later offline. Watching it online may interrupt the smooth flow of the movie especially if you are on a slower connection as the video may buffer a lot. Therefore it is recommended to download a movie and save it on your Android device so that you can watch it later on the go.The best format in which one should download a movie is ‘MP4’. It is such a video format that has high quality and at the same it has support for all kinds of devices including Tablet, Smartphone, iPhone, Windows and even Mac. Today, we will be providing you some great ways through which you can download free mp4 movies for android. So without wasting anymore time, let us learn how to do it!

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How to Download Live Wallpaper from 9apps?

Technology overtook people worldwide in recent times. This makes people live their day to day life easily. Even though technology has some advantages it has few disadvantages too. This is because people get addicted to technology very much. The applications that are available in the smartphone gives people more entertainment, gaming, mobile security, news feeds, puzzles, fitness, etc. These applications are available in the google play store which is the inbuilt app in many mobiles. The 9apps is also the app store that acts similar to Google. People who have got bored with using the same app store can try this new app for a change.

What makes the 9apps to be awesome?

The 9apps is the third party application that provides the various android applications for the users. Even though it is the third party app it can be trusted. This does not change any system formats of your device. This app is downloaded by the millions of people around the world because of its free applications. This application occupies very much less space in the mobile so the users can simply do multiple tasks while the app is running. In this app store, the user can simply find the details, description, reviews, comment, etc. So the users can simply select the best and the trending application recently and enjoy. The user can simply change the setting of the application store available in right corner end. In the settings feature the enable download and install option to make the applications that are downloaded get installed immediately. If disabled then the application is only downloaded but not installed. The user can install manually afterward.

What is the procedure to access this app store?

  • Initially, it is necessary to enable the unknown source available in the settings option.
  • Once done then the application is ready to be installed.
  • Now perform the downloading of the 9apps from its own website.
  • After this just tap the downloaded APK file available in the download folder.
  • This makes the installation of the application within a few seconds.
  • Then open the app store where you will find an attractive user interface.
  • Click on the search bar available in the application.
  • Then type Live Wallpaper in the search space.
  • This gives you plenty of attractive and beautiful wallpapers that are available.
  • Even though some of the wallpapers are needed to be paid this apps store enables the user to download them for free of cost.
  • Once downloaded, then the user can use the wallpaper in the device.

This 9apps is the user-friendly application so it would not affect the other applications performance in the device. It is the application where the user can simply search and download any kind of application available in the different categories. Thus the downloading of the applications from this app store is more easy and quick. This is the app store that can be even downloaded in the java type mobile phones. So this gives heavy competition to the google play store.

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9apps song

9Apps provide free from advertisement music so that you can enjoy continuous music without any advertisement. You have options to download as well as listen music with the help of precipitation. Listen the music according to your feelings whatever you want to hear you will get a to z music collection. Provide instant search based on artist ,mood, activity, albums, by genre, decade, old song, new song, dance song and so on you can make your own music collection and enjoy listening in your android operating system, iOS operating system, window phone.

Download application to get on-demand access of songs with direct download links once you download that occasion you don’t need internet connection to play them only you have restored it in your SD card or any other device so that you can and add this songs in your playlist and play them. The application also provide download facility for special day even you can edit your own rice with the help of tools present in the playlist so that you can play the music with your own voice at background.

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Thursday, 30 May 2019

9apps download 2019

Get best platform applicatoin for your smartphone by using 9Apps store in your mobile. If you are addicted with latest games and apps for your mobile then 9Apps will be your best option, you can get almost all the the games application free from this platform . The application is almost similar to Google Play Store the difference is that Google Play Store contains paid as well as free application and if we are using Google Play Store then we have to to pay premium charge if we are downloading anything pro versions of that application but in case of 9Apps all the applications are available for free with not have to pay a single amount for downloading and using that application in our mobile.

So here we are going to discuss about how to download and install 2019 in our mobile.

To download 9Apps in your mobile first of all you need to visit official website or we have provided direct download link at the top of this page, You have to click on the download button so that the application can start downloading in your device.

File Size (Mobile) :3.0 MB mobile
File Size PC/Laptop) : 4.5 MB
Version year : 2019
Type Tools
Android Require : Android 7.0 or latest
Window Require: Windows 8, 8+, 10
Developer 9Apps


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Monday, 27 May 2019

What Are The Top 5 Alternative Of Tik Tok App To Use?

When it comes to video sharing platforms, Tik Tok is one of the topmost and leading platforms in the market. Recently, it gained huge popularity and holds nearly more than 200+ millions of fan followers. It is like a one-stop destination for the people who love to share their edited videos with others. Owing to its cool features and impressive music library category, the app is getting huge popularity. Moreover, the platform has unique collections of video editing devices. In this article, you will come to know what the best alternatives available when compared to Tik Tok. With this app, you will be restricted with some editing options and so considers for the best alternative. Moreover, there are no more effects and powerful video editing tools are provided. In order to overcome these solutions, we have short-listed some list of a most excellent substitute to Tik Tok.

  • Dubsmash:


It is an application which is available at free of cost to Android users. Nearly more than thousands of clicks take place per day. Moreover, a single person can able to numerous videos and able to share them directly to social media or friends. Moreover, the application is filled with nearly more than thousands of music songs, speech videos, comedy videos, serial romantic quotes and many more. Alongside, you can also enjoy texts and stickers on the top of your videos in order to enhance the look of your media contents.

  • Funimate:

The notable feature of availing Funimate is the plus to the people to make any music video based on your choice. With the aid of this smart video sharing platform, you can enjoy slow-motion media files, ability to compile more than your limits, bloopers and many more. It is no matter whatever you want to do with the sounds of this trendy app, but you will the best sound clarity. Since it has a huge range of collections of lovely songs and superb sound effects, and so helps you to make a perfect video.

  • Cheez:

No matter what type of videos you are looking for like comedy, romantic and many more but you will be provided with countless options. You can able to post your videos on the social media page and able to get enough appreciations in the form of likes comments, shares and many more. At the same time, you will get a chance to gain huge rewards and prizes, once you have commented on the posts of others.

  • Triller:

It is simple and effective. Folks are always using this app in order to get huge popularity. All you need to do is just witness the recording process and do some editing process before sharing it to the social page. It is the perfect way to get huge happiness with your friends.

  • Like:

Like App

It is the most popular video sharing platform in which you can able to perform more videos based on dance, entertaining shows, sound effects, songs and many more. And also, it is filled with numerous stickers, emoji, filters, and many more. You can able to record whatever you want and edit videos.

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Saturday, 25 May 2019

9apps online play

9apps Enjoy the most popular applications download platform with the help of 9Apps. Yeah you can download latest online player which can download millions of musics in your favourite folder. 9Apps is not only apps but it also teach us how to use different types of application and games which we are going to install in our smartphone.

9Apps – Install Android Applications for Free and Fast

he 9Apps is an online application store much like the Google Play store with a variety of applications that the Google Play store doesn’t play host to. The 9Apps is a breath of fresh air in the already saturated application atmosphere of the Google Play stores and other conventional online application stores. The User Interface, the variety of apps, ease of use and many such features of this application will certainly benefit you over the usual stores.

9Apps – The Only Application Store You Need

9Apps is the one solution to all your application needs. The application showers you with the best features an online store can offer and that too for free. The price comparison add-on and the bonus cash you receive are just enough on their own to try this application for once. And once you use the application we are sure that you would ditch your old store. We certainly recommend you to take the leap and get the application installed on your device and enjoy its benefits.

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Thursday, 23 May 2019

third party android app stores

App Store! When we talk about the word ‘App Store’, what comes to your mind immediately – Apple App Store or Google Play Store, 9apps? One of them, isn’t it?

And why not, these are two of the most popular app stores that are globally known as the largest distribution channels when it comes to mobile applications, so much so that they have become synonymous with ‘app store’. But what if we told you that there are many other app store options that you have not yet explored?

Since Android and iOS apps hold a very large chunk of the overall app users, the option of exploring more app stores has become vital for entrepreneurs, web/mobile app development companies and application developers in order to seek new avenues of growth.

These third party iOS app stores and third party Android app stores are great platforms to explore newly released mobile applications.

The main aim for curating this list of app stores for Android and iOS is to help app owners by providing them with an array of options to choose from, while saving them from high competition in Apple App Store and Google Play stores.

What are Alternative App Stores?
In this list, we will be mentioning a number of alternative Android app stores list and alternative app stores for iPhone as well. With the help of below-mentioned app stores, app developers will find it easy to achieve visibility for their mobile apps.

Google Play Store

Although not every alternative app store may provide you with a highly profitable revenue share model like the Play Store and App Store, they also have the capability to pay for a specific amount of app downloads.

This is a great option for an app developer who is looking forward to increasing the visibility of their iOS or Android applications in the app market.

Why Alternative App Stores Are Beneficial?
Alternative app stores can offer a number of benefits to mobile app owners and developers. Some of those widely observed advantages of alternative app stores for iOS and Android are mentioned below:

Quick Exposure
Better Customer Service
Fast App Submission Process
Effective Payment Procedure

Best 9apps App Stores

If we talk about the app stores for iPhones, a particular app store follows the closed app store ecosystem approach rather than an open model, which means that this moderated iOS app store mainly implies having only one particular application store for apps supported by Apple devices. Apart from the Apple app store, there are many other app stores for ios such as 9apps, GetJar, Appland etc..

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Monday, 20 May 2019

vidmate 9apps install

Download vidmate from 9apps

vidmate works in the same way Amazon prime and Netflix does. It is a media streaming app where you can watch videos in high definition without paying a single penny. Watch all the latest movies in vidmate and enjoy to the fullest. It is one of the best entertainment hub for all the people around. You do not need to pay any subscription cost in order to operate vidmate in your android devices and it provides you all the video quality options, you can choose accordingly. All the files that contains large space are suggested to get downloaded via wi-fi so you do not have to worry about the usage of your mobile data.

It has got a user-friendly interface and you can also share the videos offline once you have downloaded it in your devices. You can also watch the movie trailers on vidmate and hence you do not miss anything from the social world. It also gives you the opportunity to chat with the TV stars.

Now let us give you a brief introduction about the 9APPS store. It is an app store that allows you to download the apps in your android devices. It keeps you updated with the features and the recent apps that has been launched in the market recently. You can download the apps for free in the 9APPS store, it has got amazing games for you. You do not have to worry about the storage because it does not require much space in your phones.

How to download vidmate from 9Apps

Go to “settings” and enable “unknown sources”.
Open any browser and Download 9APPS.
Once 9APPS is downloaded in your phone, open the store and type ‘VMate’ in the search bar.
Wait until the app is installed.
Once it is installed, open it in your phones and enjoy the features.

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Friday, 17 May 2019

9apps 9apps


9apps Install 9Apps Download 2019 One of the popular free Android App: 9apps Downloads apk is Very Easy If you are an avid Android apps and games user then you’d need a handy app store. Although you can use the Google Play Store for downloading your favorite apps and games, but not the complete list of apps can be found there.

Google filters apps before accepting them and most of the awesome apps get rejected as they do not meet Google terms and conditions. So a handy app like 9apps can resolve this issue and give you the entire list of apps and games that even Play Store cannot offer you.

9Apps Free Download 2019
9apps got a wide range of games and 9app applications that you have always wanted for your mobile. It provides recommendations about applications and enhances your online app using experience. You will find related apps based on the current one you are browsing and each related app are different in their own ways.
The related apps are recommended by experts who have spent long hours in exploring the apps. You will find a number of categories and sub-categories along with some filters to get your desired result. 9apps application won’t occupy too much of the space in your system. As it’s a very small app of about 3MB it will run smoothly without any interruption.
9apps store
The 9apps store appears with a clean and simple interface that makes it easier for you to browse through the apps. The homepage features the hottest apps in the store which contains a mixture of the best apps from different categories. The page also contains a download link to 9apps for Android, which is an APK file. You will also find a special collection of apps, newly released apps and the top apps from the store.

On clicking an app, the page will redirect you to the app page where you can find the app details and description. The page will also provide the original screenshots of the app and user ratings. User ratings will help you determine the quality of the app and learn whether it runs properly or not. You will also find the supported Android versions for a particular app and game and the last date when the app is updated.

The “9apps store” offers a wide range of applications, games, themes, stickers, wallpapers, ringtones, and videos for your Android phone. The app categories include communication, transportation, entertainment, personalization, education, health, shopping, finance, etc. The 9apps games are categorized into action, arcade, sports, music, adventure, family, etc. The themes, stickers, wallpapers, and ringtones are meant to customize your Android phone and improve its looks.

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Utilize the 9apps store to enjoy the lots of application

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YouTube video Downloaders for Android

Vidmate Download : Do you want to know How to download youtube videos in android smartphone??
YouTube is most popular video streaming platform and also one of the most popular video content provider. We all use YouTube almost everyday. Youtube is the best and free place to watch movies and music videos online. Not only that, youtube has largest collection of all kinds of videos possible on this planet.


In some remote areas where internet connection is generally low, youtube streaming will start buffering which is a great headache thus people like to download them offline. But Youtube only allows online streaming. You cannot actually download those videos or download movies for free from youtube for offline. Nowadays youtube does came up with Paid option to download videos but who wants to pay for those funny videos just to watch them offline.

Here we present best youtube downloaders for android mobile and guess what! All youtube downloaders are free!  You can also convert youtube videos to wav or MP3 files and download directly and add in your playlist. There are really LOT of youtube downloaders online thus finding best and reliable youtube downloader is kind of hard. Thus we tested many online youtube downloaders as well as youtube downloader android apps and came up with our best downloaders list for youtube as well as other video streamers like DailyMotion.

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Saturday, 11 May 2019

Best app & game downloader 9apps

Well, we are all known about 9 apps but there are some rare people who do not know about this application. also there are many applications available in the internet markets, but why most of the android users prefer 9 apps to download their favorite applications as well as games. Many people are interested to visit Google play store to download their favorite’s application but not every application are available for free, there are many paid up applications are available in google play store, they are not just entirely free for every users. You have to just pay some cents and then you will able to access those paid up applications.

There are also multiple app stores in sites but all are not same as 9apps, all available applications doesn’t mean that it will support in every android devices. Well, 9 apps is designed with all new latest software which supports in all android devices, this application is just designed simply but it is entirely rich all new categories which has full updates with all contents. This application is really great in providing entertainment to all users. This application plays a crucial role in providing the all premium application to all users. With this application, many users have got their favorites apps which is really good at its performance. This application has a very ultimate feature which is rightly very much suitable for every user. 9apps is slightly unique from all other applications where all users are entirely involved in those categories.


9apps is an entirely alternative of play store. Here you will get thousands of applications and games through which every user finds their favorites without experiencing any issues. Also you can get all your favorite paid up application for free of cost, without paying any single bucks.

  • Subscription free : It is totally subscription free application to all those who could not afford to buy paid up applications as well for every users.  This application will not ask you to pay any single penny for this app.
  • Multiple downloads : This application is really good for all; you can download multiple files at a time by clicking in just single. This application will give an option to select in download in background.
  • The application is very lightweight it it takes value 2.7 in your SD card. With smart user interface for the end user to understand how to download different kinds of applications and games with the help of this tool.
  • 9Apps has inbuilt manager to manage download, install, uninstall and updates.


This application has special collections of games for all types of devices where every android user is stick with its features. This application provides every supportable game to every user with their devices capability. Here, you will get every section in a very well organized manner, so that you can reach to your favorite games. This application is really good for all devices.

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Thursday, 9 May 2019

9apps search

9Apps is known for free app store downloader which can provide platform for developer who can upload their applications, games and many more multimedia content in this platform for the customer of Android. It is a collection of millions of software users can download their favourite applications with the help of this application. 9Apps has gained popularity and are known as alternate of Google Play Store. There are are many apps store in the market like Google Play Store, samsung store , mI Store, microsoft Windows store and many more but among them if we are searching for any free software to be download in our smartphone then we have only one option and that is 9Apps. As most of the app store provide only Pro versions of the software and if they are providing free version then for updating you must have to purchase that app so that you can update the full version of that application.

9Apps search

The application content software search engine so that you can use this tool to search the friend software for your needs. The best part of this software is that it is completely based on artificial intelligence so that when whatever you are typing it will catch the words and provide you advance solution of that rivers which were going to type. Not believe this when we are searching any software it provide you all the details like when the software has been updated, what are the reviews of customer, how customer are software to be there work or attachment is here. So whenever we are using search tool for searching software we can get a complete idea about the software which we are going to install in our mobile.

How to download 9Apps?
To download 9Apps we have provided you are direct download links only you need to click on the button so that 9Apps will install in your mobile.

Is 9Apps just for downloading software?

Yes! 9Apps is completely safe for downloading any types of software including games and other purpose software. Propose approval e scan applications in the database to be shown if it find any virus or other activity it will directly contact the developer of that software and inform it about the problems which they are facing. If the software have any problem then it must be resolved then only 9Apps show the result of that applications in database. So if we are using 9Apps then we are completely safe for downloading and types of software.

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How to download 360 you tube videos

Video sharing sites came into existence after the year 2005. You tube, Facebook, Vimeo, daily motion, Instagram are the popular video sharing sites. But the most popular among these sites is you tube. The content available on you tube includes video clips, TV show clips, music videos, audio recordings, movie trailers, live streams and other content such as video blogging and educational videos. Just like any other site you tube is also open to membership. After becoming a member of you tube the user can upload videos and can appeal people to like, share and subscribe his videos. The user can even create his own channel on you tube. Most of the videos on you tube are free to watch but premium channels and rental films are not free of cost.

The user can watch videos through online and offline mode. While watching videos offline the user don’t need an internet connection. For watching videos offline the user need to download the video. There are many methods through which videos can be downloaded. The download of videos is possible through apps, software and video downloading sites. Specific sites are made so that the user can download videos. Apart from softwares the videos can be downloaded from you tube itself.

Download from 9apps

Simply you need to install 9apps apk file to get youtube video apps. A new quality of video has been introduced on you tube and that is 360 degree videos. 360 degree is the latest feature of the videos on you tube. In these kind of videos the user can watch the 360 degree view of the videos. Google is working on cameras that are able to capture the 360 degree view of the location. The 360 degree view of video allow the user to watch the video from every angle up and down, side by side and this view is possible when the video itself is running. Hence these videos give an amazing view. The download of these videos is also possible. After downloading them the user can watch them at any time and place at his convenience. The one downloader which is easily available on net is 4K downloader. First the user need to search 360 degree video and then copy and paste the URL of the video in the downloader. When the user hit the download button the download shall start. Apart from this vidmate is also a very useful app by using which the user can download such videos

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9 apk

World news say that every single user download at least 20 to 40 applications in their mobile. With the help of online app store. The app store maybe Google Play Store, windows store, mI Store, iPhone store or 9app store. Depending upon the nature of uses it may Rises to hundreds of applications in their mobile. So if the users are crazy about downloading latest applications and games in their mobile then 9 APK is one of the best platform. 9 APK provide all the applications and game for to users.

Although, it helps in providing full updates with lots features and functions also this 9 apk will keeps you updated with games and application also it adds new application in their contents which helps users to get through new versions of application which they do not get in any other app stores. This application is so much popular with its features and functions and it has very tough competitions in the markets.


9 apk is totally safe from spyware programs which does not consist of viruses and bugs. It is fully protected with internet security. 9 apk is totally android based application which is really great in providing the best results. This application is fast and secure which it doesn’t have any malware problems. 9 apps have very much tough competitors in the markets, where it has never let us down by decreasing it qualities.

Lastly, I will recommend you to install 9 apk in your devices and experience more great stuffs and many more. Also recommend others to download and install it in your devices.

About 9apk

9 APK latest update are available on official website of 9Apps you can download this application with the help of button provided for downloading 9Apps latest version. It was designed and developed by famous Chinese company alibaba group. The concept behind developing this type of platform is to provide and uses of 3 support for downloading unlimited application to Android as well as Windows users. 9Apps is popularly used in India, Indonesia, Russia, etc

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How free Robux Generator work?

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