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What makes 9apps a popular third party play store?

There are many things that make 9apps a wonderful and popular third party play store. Certainly, over the time android users have seen a great change in everything. The number of applications has eminently increased. No matter what type of applications you want to use, you can find everything. But again, there are only a few sources that get you what you want and it is needless to say that 9apps is the place.

A rich platform for all

If you have an android device then congratulations you are a rich user. You can always make sure that you have the applications that make your experience utmost effective and enjoyable. Whether you are looking for games, video downloading applications, wallpapers, ringtones, learning, professional skills, music, art & crafts, time management, safety, fitness & health, dating, booking, news, reading, writing or anything else; you get everything in applications.

Free of cost

Since all the applications and the content you get from 9apps is free of cost, the users get enchanted in a blink of an eye. Certainly, when you are getting the expensive and premium applications for free on this platform, you should definitely check it out. This platform is definitely going to give you a huge experience. You would never have to spend any pennies when you have this store to download the applications.

Storage won’t get over

All you android users if you think that your smartphone or device would go out of storage because of 9apps then you are wrong. You can easily find a huge variety of applications in the realm of 9apps and that too without sparing much space. In other words, this third play store takes up only a few MBs of your device and it never exceeds 10MB in its size. So, you can relax if you have this play store to get all the apps you want.

Excellent speed

If speed is what you are looking for then you must not miss out on 9apps. Perhaps, its excellent speed is one of the amazing aspects that make it a popular platform. The store is really fast, effective and excellent. You can easily navigate through all the applications in this store and without wasting any time. The store works really fast and you can install the applications of your choice in no time with the help of 9apps. Actually, the developers of this store have made sure that the users don’t have to spend more than needed time to get an application. The UI is so smooth and effortless that users get no hurdles in using the store in any sense.


Thus, there is no doubt that 9apps is one of the most popular play stores in the android world. You would never find any other store that is more comforting and contenting than this. You would try it once and you are going to fall for it forever. The splendid thing about this platform is it’s never-ending development and expansion.

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The most popular applications for chatting on android

Chatting is the backbone of this generation. You can find everybody typing or reply on their mobiles, right? Well, indeed, chatting has made it really easy for everyone to stay connected and informed. But then if you feel that you don’t know about the best applications for your chatting endeavours then you are in the right place.

In this post, you would get to know about the most popular, safe and exciting chatting applications on android. The most amazing thing about these applications would be that you can get them without spending any penny. You can use them to stay connected with your loved ones that too ensuring that your data is secure and the chats are not getting leaked anywhere.


A simple set-up, automatic synchronization with the smartphone contacts, and a seasoned rich in features and free of advertisements make this platform an amazingly popular messaging app. The users can easily send text and other media files like pictures, videos, clips, sounds, voice notes, documents, and contacts.  The end-to-end encryption and also two-step verification makes this application absolutely safe for use. You can be sure that you stay safe when you use this application and get in touch with your own people. Moreover, the application also has features of last seen, status, online and so on.


It is a good mobile messaging app for the post-Snowden time. The telegram was specifically designed for the ones who know what it really means to save their digital ego. The application caters a quick and encrypted chat facility, with client-server encryption for pattern chats.  Moreover, the secret chat 9app option makes sure that nobody intrudes in your chats or nobody gets access to your conversations that you have with your loved ones. You can enjoy a great and friendly experience using this application.


Another amazing Asian project that has left its mark is known as the Japanese app Line. The application has more than six hundred million users all over the world. It’s firm point is a series of stickers that you can embed in your chats, apart from a timeline system similar to that of a social network. The application even supports group conversations and that of calls of till two hundred participants, as well as the feature of calling mobile and landline numbers with a special credit. Moreover, the platform also permits you to follow your favorite brands and personalities through the official channels so that you never miss an update about your preferences.

Facebook Messenger

It is a dedicated client that is grounded upon the current chat network, adding additional multimedia communication features. The users can access the application through Facebook and can also send others normal chat messages and voice, video messages and calls. You can also find a lite version for just Androids that cater a more streamlined experience that makes it a lot more affordable in terms of data usage. End-to-end encryption is just an option, but it still turns out to be manually activated for every single conversation by picking Secret Conversation in chat window once you are messaging a contact.

So, when you know about these four popular android applications now, go ahead and get these for free from 9apps play store.

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The Most Loved App to Find Ringtones and Wallpapers- 9Apps!

If you are one of those who love to set exciting wallpapers and stunning ringtones, then you should check out the variety on Android. There are many applications on android that would help you get the best applications to download wallpapers and ringtones.

Don’t you worry because this post would acquaint you with the most loved, popular and nice applications on android for your wallpapers and ringtones? Check out the list of applications below and you would definitely find these good.



Zedge is a great and multipurpose app for your android phone and it works more than just serving the ringtones, alarms, notifications, and so on. No matter what type of ringtones you are looking for you can find a great variety in every genre in this application. And yes, it is not just about ringtones but the application also gets you stunning wallpapers and stylish themes. You should definitely give this app a try for a rich collection of tones, wallpapers and themes. This free application will surely give you an exciting experience.

MTP Ringtones and Wallpapers

As the name of this application says it all, the platform is much more than ringtones.  This is quite much an application like the Zedge. The exciting features of this application encompass the likes of setting ringtones, notification tones, and alarms and of course wallpaper. The collection is pretty great and searching for the likes of your preference is somewhat easy in here.


This is another loved and popular application for downloading ringtones. It is a free application that permits its users to form their own ringtones. It is time that you customize your own ring tones by turning the favorite or preferred songs into ringtones completely for free! These can be as long as thirty seconds long. You know what the application is even more loved because of its exciting features and ease of use. Explore it out if you haven’t done it so far.


It is one of the finest and most loved applications present on android. In case you have ever looked up for ringtone apps, you should have come across this platform quite back in time. However, if you do not know about this wonderful application, it is an open-source ringtone application. The platform allows you to cut down songs and even make your ringtones. Pretty much like the maximum of the applications included in this list.


It is also a multi-functional application. You can both work on your ringtones and wallpapers through this application. The finest and most exciting thing about this ringtone app is the fact that it does support manifold ranges of audio files. Hence makes it all the convenient to work with them. The formats that you can enjoy here are like MP3, WAV, AMR, AAC, 3GPP, and MP4.

Ringtones and Wallpapers


Thus, the point is you should check out all these applications on 9apps install them right away. These applications would never look or sound your smartphone boring or unattractive.

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There Is No Coming Back If You Start Using 9Apps!

Often you try out different platforms and then swiftly you switch from there right? It happens because of a lack of satisfaction and shallow experience. But that is not the case in the realm of 9apps. Yes, once you try out 9apps platform you are going to be contented in every sense.

9Apps, Taking Over The Market With Its Wonderful Features!

 It would not be wrong to say that there is no coming back if you start using 9Apps. It is because the third party play store is not just about the variety it caters but about ease and safety too. You can easily find all types of applications in the realm of this play store. Moreover, the features it has are going to excite you even more. Have a look at some of the features of this platform. Have a look below:

Variety of applications

You can find a variety of applications in the realm of 9apps. The platform promises you a streak of options in applications in every area. whether you look for games, music, videos, movies, learning apps, educational apps, time management apps, cooking apps, traveling, makeup, art & crafts or anything else; the platform would not disappoint you in any sense. Once you search through this platform you can find many such applications that are excellent but are not there on the Google play store that you usually use.

The negligible size

The 9Apps play store is absolutely small in size. The total size of this store never exceeds 10MB. Even the latest version of this platform also provided with less size.  It is not just about the size of the platform but about the size of the apps you get from this store. Since you would get exciting applications and store in a limited size, you would definitely have a befitting experience. Of course, Using 9Apps is going to give you a rich experience. The negligible size of this play store would never become an issue for your storage.

The content is free

You heard it right. Whatever or whichever application you download from 9apps, it is not going to cost you anything. In simple words, you would get all the applications free of cost.   Even those premium and really expensive applications would fall in your budget once you explore them in the realm of this store. It is all about what you explore and from where you get it. Once you get the apps from 9apps, you would get used to the excellence, ease and free of cost aspect of this play store.

Safe to use

Many of you might have doubts about the safety of this play store because of its third party nature, right? Well, you know what the platform is absolutely safe for you to use. You would definitely have a great time using 9apps and no virus would get there on your platform. All the applications that get uploaded on this play store undergo a proper check.


So, don’t you feel you must give a try to this third party global play store? Once you started Using 9Apps, you would never look back!

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Why 9Apps Is The Best Solution For All Your Apps And Themes Collections!

If you are looking for the most amazing and excellent alternate option of the Google play store then 9apps is the solution for you. If you are bored using the usual and same app store then 9apps is the solution for you. 9app is a mobile application for Android devices which offers apps, music, wallpapers; ringtones downloads and uploads along with several other features. These extra features make this app marketplace worth a shot.  It is the foremost alternative you get your favourite apps and other things meeting on your device.

Why 9Apps

With 100% safety, the users can easily use this tool to save they’ve desired android based applications freely. This tool is free from all the viruses and malware, therefore, a completely safe fit for your device. Here are some of the points, which make 9Apps the best solution for all the apps and themes collections.

Limitless downloads

There is no foundation on the number of downloads. By using this app, you can have limitless downloads. One can set up as many apps you call for on your receiver. There is no limit on app downloads. There are no restrictions regarding the download of any app or the number of apps. Limitless music and games can also be downloaded


This app is compatible with all the versions of smartphones. You can even use this app on Windows without any hassle. It is like-minded with all the versions and updates of your phone. It is compatible with all android versions. You need to create an account on 9apps platform.

Safe and secure

Safety is of prime importance. This tool is free from any virus and malware. So you need not worry regarding the safety aspect. 9apps is completely safe and secure and it never harms your handset. You can freely use this app without any worries.

Free of cost

You don’t need to spend a single penny to get the 9apps on your smartphones. 9Apps is completely free of cost.  And other than this all the apps are available free of cost on 9apps. This means you can get as many apps and as many games, ringtones, themes as you want without paying a single buck.

Wide range

9apps Interface Wide range of Apps

One of the important factors contributing to the 9apps download is it’s a wide range of content. The apps which are often not presented in other stores are easily available on 9apps. You name it and 9apps have that application. There are different sections allotted for a different kind of content

Easy inventory

One can find almost all kinds of applications and games at a single place. Each and every app and game is systematically organized to make it easier for the users to search for their desired content. Moreover, the inventory of 9apps is continuously updated from time to time. You can find different kinds of applications and games at a single place.

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How To Use 9Apps On Android?

9Apps is an international third party mobile apps and games store that is a launched by Alibaba Group. It is an online tool to download all media files for office, work, entertainment, games, wallpapers, ringtones, etc. It is a very famous and widely used app that only runs on Android smartphones. A handy app like 9apps gives you the entire list of apps and games that are not even present at play store. It even provides recommendations about applications and enhances your online app user experience.

9Apps, Taking Over The Market With Its Wonderful Features!

Later you will automatically find related apps based on the current app that you were browsing and every app has its own features. You even get to choose and apply filters while choosing apps from the categories or sub-categories. It is basically like a play store. It has lots of applications, games, wallpapers, etc., which can be downloaded after installing 9Apps.

But now the question arises how to use 9Apps on Android? So, let’s first discuss how to install 9apps on your smartphone.

At the first step, click on phone settings and in phone settings select security. You need to allow accept applications from unknown sources option. Then from your phone browser, visit the website and from there download the 9apps application. The file you will download will be in the format of pc4.apk. Then after downloading, open that APK file and follow all the screen instructions to install the application. After following all these steps your 9apps will be installed in your smartphone and will be visible in your phone menu. You are all set to use this amazing application.

9Apps On Android


This app is very small in size, thus it will not occupy any major storage space in your device. It will run smoothly without any interruption on your smartphone. Its homepage offers you the best apps from different categories. On clicking on this app the page will redirect you to the app page where you can find the app details and description also. The page also provides you with original screenshots of the app and user ratings.

After installing the 9apps the question is how to use it. Think of any app or game you want to download. Then browse or search for new apps to download. Share or send the app to friends or family. After those select settings to the settings 9apps, auto installs if the application is complete. Then you need to remove the APK file ad save the download APK. You can also view the separate section of paid apps, games, ringtones, videos, wallpapers, music, etc. You can also save data to save power. It also enables you to click Wi-Fi auto-update or upgrade optimizes the applications.

Along with best android games and applications, 9apps also offers the best stuff for Java phones that too personalized. 9apps offers plenty of HD quality wallpapers and clarity ringtones that would fit with your Java phones perfectly.

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9Apps, Taking Over The Market With Its Wonderful Features!

One of the most popular and widely used app 9Apps is a third-party app store and taking over the market with its wonderful features . It lets you download many apps, games, wallpapers, ringtone, videos, etc. and all for free. With this mini-sized app, you will be updated with new apps, ringtones, games, etc. that are coming in the market. One of it’s the biggest advantage that gives 9apps an edge over others is that all the apps of different categories that are available on this store are trusted and reliable sources. So let’s here discuss some of the top-notch features of 9apps.

9Apps, Taking Over The Market With Its Wonderful Features!

Unlimited stuffing

One of the main features of 9apps is that there are a countless number of contents on 9apps. Whatever app you can think of is there on 9apps for downloading. This is the platform where you will be provided with so many numbers of contents like apps, games, wallpapers, and ringtones along with the customized items. You are all free to pick any app of your choice. You name it and 9apps have it. This provides you with a greater number of app options that you can choose from.


Its simple user interface is one of its plus.  This adding to the simple user interface is its categorization. 9apps consists of several categories for making our search easier. Some of the categories in 9apps are media, productivity, music, utility, photography, games, funny ringtones, nature wallpapers, etc. This categorization makes the search a lot easier. If you know the category then you can just click on the category and get the app or content you are looking for.


A most important and notable feature of this app is its size. In today’s time where everyone is crying about storage space, 9apps comes with a very small size. The total size of this app is of 6 to 8 MB. It is the smallest size app you can find in your smartphone. This feature is especially beneficial for those who have old models of smartphones which don’t support an additional memory card. The small size of this app lets you save a lot of space in your device


9apps Interface

The makers of the 9apps have designed its interface in such a way that any user using it for the first won’t face any difficulty in operating this application. It is implemented in the best way that will make users freely download all the items they want. With a very simple interface, the features and functionality of this app store remain the same when you choose to take it on any of the devices. Anything which you want to download from 9apps can be downloaded easily without any trouble.

Secured content

In the present era of increasing cybercrime security is of utmost importance to everyone. This app will let you take the content that is free from any bugs, viruses or any other harmful files. Before uploading any content on 9apps all the contents are pre-tested. You can enjoy all the content without any fear of any malware or viruses.

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Download 9APPS V2.1.7.1 For android | 9Apps apk for Android Devices

Download 9APPS V2.1.7.1 For android | 9Apps apk for Android Devices


Download 9Apps apk | 9Apps apk for Android – 2019

9APPS is a android play store that enables you to download all the android applications. Probably the best thing about 9APPS is that it enables you to download the premium applications for nothing. One doesn’t have to spend even a solitary penny for any application while downloading, the clients can download any application from the 9APPS store without even batting an eye. It isn’t accessible on Google play store since it itself is a stage to download applications. A portion of the prevalent classifications of 9apps are games, social, photography, shopping destinations, live backdrop, video and so on.

download now

9APPS apk is a main outsider application store and is exceedingly predominant among the android clients. All the applications in the 9APP store are flawlessly sorted and one doesn’t have to stress over anything. You will discover all the applications here that are likewise accessible at the Google play store. Downloading the applications from this store is totally lawful so one doesn’t have to stress over the security by any means. It continues refreshing itself so the clients don’t miss anything significant. It has many hacked and modded applications for you and a ton of games for you too. give us now a chance to move to the means to download the store.


Download 9APPS V2.1.7.1.

Discover the downloaded APK document from your android Device.

Begin introducing 9APPS from your telephone.

When it is introduced, begin investigating the play store and it’s highlights.

9 Apps vs Google Play ? Let’s see !!

google play

We all know more insights regarding the Google play store. These days the cell phone accompanies a pre-introduced play store for client comfort. It will give fun and gaming background to clients. Countless Android applications is accessible in this store. So you can discover the application you need and download it on your gadget. This application will suit client needs at all conditions. This is the best piece of this store. One of the primary impediments of the play store is you can’t discover each application you need on Google play store because of its severe strategies.

install 9apps

Recently , 9 apps has increased more attention among customers all around the globe because of its highlights. It is said to be an incredible choice to Google Play Store. This application store will full fill everybody’s needs and prerequisites. It accompanies a ton of applications and games with exceptional highlights. The applications in it are recorded under various classifications which makes it simpler for users to discover their applications. This implies you can look your application by name or classifications. Notwithstanding that one can download applications totally at gratis. So you can appreciate the free application experience. No premium applications are accessible on this store. This application store accompanies a great deal of key highlights for the client’s advantages, for example, little size, boundless downloads, custom substance, straightforward and simple to utilise, free download and numerous others perks of downloading this app.

How to Download & Install this app ?

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Security -> Device Administration -> Toggle on “Unknown Sources“.
  2. Download and open the APK file.
  3. Click Install > Open.
  4. Enjoy using 9Apps!

download 9apps


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