Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Top 5 Apps Stores Out There

Users always choose the app store to download their likely apps. But when the app store they trusted doesn’t allow them to download apps then going for alternative choice is great. If you are looking for best app stores then here we have mentioned 5 topmost app store you should know for certain.

  1. Uptodown:

Uptodown is a finite app store that helps you to download all Android apps in an effortless way. All the apps available in this play store come along with update as well. Plus a notable benefit of this app store is that you don’t want to have a Google account. In case if you are not liking the updated version of the app or else game then Uptodown app store will rollback the app if not game top the previous version. It offers neutral screenshots that help the users to download and install app and game in the right way.

  • Apkmirror:

Apkmirror is also a great choice of app store. If you have Apkmirror app store then you all set to uninstall other app stores that you have installed on your device. In order to download the app store, you are required to search and download it from any of the valid sources. One of the notable features of this app store is that you can easily able to download apps since it is user-friendly. You can choose either older version or else the newer version of the Apkmirror. The apps available in the app store is latest and updated as well.

  • F-Droid:

Though this app store is an older one but the credibility of this app store is unbreakable. You can find various numbers of stuff in this app store. The particular feature of the app store is that you can find small games and then stuffs here. So you can make use of this open source app store based on your requirements.

  • GetJar:

GetJar is an app store combines Java as well as Symbian mobiles. This app store is well-known for both apps and then games. You can search for all sorts of apps and then games in this app store without any issues. Since this app store compatible with all sorts of the operating system it will suits all kinds of devices as well. You can find this app store just by searching its name on the browser.

  • 9Apps:

9Apps is the largest app store it consists of more than millions of apps in its platform. It is introduced by a China-based company Alibaba Group in the year of 1999. Since this app store offers plenty of apps the user’s number gets increased worldwide. You can easily download and install all kinds of apps from this app store. There is no limitation to download apps as well as personalized contents. Especially all the contents are available for free so you can download it in a trouble-free manner. Along with apps, it acts as the best platform to check the price as well. These are the 5 alternative app stores you can choose anything based on your choice.  

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Friday, 19 April 2019


Vmate is a video platform where you can download, share, create, edit video files from internet, uRL download facility from YouTube ab and many more swimming website. The application contains millions of audio and video files such as as movies, songs, funny video, clips, trailer, and many more. The application is easily download from 9Apps. Vmate wide range of tools which help us to to download the video, play the video, crop, fast forward, pause and resume video, download time and many more.


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tik tok apps download india

Tik Tok app is banned in India due to pronography and kids involvement so indian government has put case against this application to avoid this type of activity. Tik Tok is now review from Google Play Store for Indian users. The people who are looking for application to be installed in your mobile has to wait for the changes in the rule of iT sector to start it again.

The enrollment of children’s in Tik Tok was quite too dangerous as they do deadly scene to become popular in Tik Tok, there are also lots of vulgar and nude clips loaded by childrens in their private video. You so to overcome this problem Indian government has ban on the application.

How to download tik tok in India?

Tik Tok users are aware about then of Tik Tok in India so if you want to use Tik Tok you need a third party applications from where I can download it very easily. The best place to download tip top is 9Apps there you will get this application very easily You only need to install 9app store in your Android mobile so that you can search it up APK fine to install in your mobile and use it.


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Wednesday, 17 April 2019

9 app download now

Are you looking for software which can download premium applications for free ? Are you in search of robot technology which can download any application in your mobile? If yes! You can try 9Apps application the ultimate apps which capable of supporting millions of applications in their platform from where you can download almost all the application for free. 9apps is your one stop solution for all your digital needs.

A quick guide to 9Apps

As mentioned about 9 apps is a digital store where you can download different applications for all your daily basis need. Yeah we will discuss about how to download and install 9Apps.

First of all you need to search in Google search engine by typing “9Apps” open any website which is owned by Google search engine there you will get a download links of 9Apps. You have to click on the don’t done so that it can start downloading.
Now go to mobile setting and check whether unknown source file is enabled or not if file is not available you cannot download the application in your mobile because Android app does not allow third party application in their system.

So first of all you need to tick mark on the unknown source file to enable the option now go to download folder there you will get 9Apps apk file you need to install the application in your mobile. At the time of installation it will ask access of your mobile phone so that 9 apps can easily install other application which you want to download from this Store.

Why download 9Apps?
We all know that there are many app store which provide the facility of software but why 9Apps is the question and answer is that is the only store where we will get all the applications for free but in case of other App Store you have to pay charges for downloading applications so there app store.

Features of 9Apps

  • Tiny size: 9Apps take only few MB space in your mobile it’s any side make the application more comfortable for any mobile event if you don’t have any external SD card you can use mobile memory used application.
  • Offline installation: You can install software offline if you have any store in your mobile as 9Apps create cloud Technology so that whatever the software you are finding continuously will be present in 9Apps store and when you click on the download button it will install it for you.


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Saturday, 6 April 2019

9x app downloading

Welcome to the apps Gadget Guru the only name which stucks in our mind for downloading free applications and games is 9Apps. Not only this you can download event premium applications in very simple step using the app store. 9x App has against property within year and gain the position in top 10 app store company worldwide. It is the most stable App Store for Android user. There are thousands of software company who claim that they are the best app store company provider but when is come about real experience we find that the companies fail to fulfill their commitment. So if we are going to compare thousands of application then it’s not possible to us to do so but if we are going to compare top 10 app store then we can easily compare and find the best among them. The most famous app store company are as follows google Play Store, microsoft app store, samsung store, mI Store, 9Apps, etc. Now again if we compare about free software then we get 9Apps has #1 position providing almost all the applications for free.

What is 9x app?
9X app basically points to 9apps store. People use different keywords to find the same application it’s so because most of the people use shortcuts for each keywords so that why most of the people right only 9X instead of 9Apps.

Is 9apps safe?

Yes! 9Apps is completely safe it is all about platform which have millions of software, games, document, wallpaper iI and many more so it may contain virus application too. You you need to search an and get all the details of applications and games Before downloading otherwise you may be a victim of of virus or Malware in your smartphone. Sometime we just can’t sleep tab our come on the options which has gone at the time of and which is completely wrong this types of practicing make calls problem so avoid this type of practice. Whenever you were installing any software you need to read carefully each and every steps at the time of installation so that you can get the idea about what information that occasion is going to you take from our mobile. Sometime we avoid and to read what exactly the software going to do and when it gets stone we get hacked for our information may get share with the help of that application. So it’s better to have precaution at your end whenever you find any software you need to find the reviews of the software if you find the reviews are good then only you need to install the software from 9Apps.

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Welcome to the world of app store 9apk the most prominent and popular apps of 2018 very easy and flat graphical user interface for users of Android. 9 APK content almost all your software needs which categories of gaming tool, software apps, education app, entertainment app and sports channel. It means that you will get a to z your software solution in one stop shop. Although Google Play Store is also used by millions of people for downloading their favourite software but but Google Play Store does not contains some application which include “download manager” Technology this type of software are used for downloading files from the server which is typically wrong. But if you are using for your own purpose then you can easily use this application for downloading but when you find this type of software in Google Play Store you will not get the application. You have to move other App Store like 9 APK. So if you are looking Pro cracked games to be download, or or if you are looking for download leaked video, or you are looking for some official tool for your work then it’s better to move to 9app store. As the store contains almost each and every applications which you need. But in case of Google Play Store this type of applications are prohibited and herb and so Google does not allow to the developer to store this type of applications in their platform.

How to use 9Apps store?

Use 9Apps store you need to install this application in your smartphone after installing the application just open the app store and you will get most trending application at the top of the the page, after that you will get list of top games software, just below you will get software for your work need, software for news and so on means that the arrangement of applications are sone according to the trends in market. You have also option to navigate through categories. Or you have also absent to search that Lee the software with their name. So as per your convenience you can use all the finding options to get any applications for your needs with the help of this app store.

What makes 9Apps the best Android app store?
The simple and Secure search make 9Apps the best Android applications. And the interesting part is that most of the software are free so and rise user definitely love to download free software.

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