Tuesday, 26 March 2019

ummy video downloader for android

ummy video downloader it’s safe and Secure application for downloading online video but this application does not provide download links for youtube as YouTube has rule celebration which prohibited of direct downloading. So if you are using this application then you are save as it provide you download option from those website who does not restrict for downloading. Most of the people download applications who are capable of downloading YouTube videos and other application but when they use the application consume all the editors and even hack the mobile and PC show to avoid this type of Cyber thread you need to solve only that application which provide secure download from the server.

The best part of this application is that it support almost all video formats such as flv, swf, mp4, asf, avi and other audio file format so if you are using this application then you can not only download the application but even you can watch all file format without installing other multimedia player.

How ummy works?
First you need to open website from where you have to download the video as for example social media website or tube website after that copy the URL of the video website and paste it to ummy search box then press enter it will Fetch the URL and provide you download links of that video, now choose the file format on which you want to download example MP3, MP4, etc. From the dropdown option button you have to select the file format and then press download button.

Where do I get ummy app for download?
To download this application you need to search it in 9Apps. It contain almost all the video download application so is easy to you to to search video downloader ummy with the help of 9Apps store.


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snaptube new version

Are you looking for best video downloader application which can download audio and video files from website like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram Dailymotion and TV serial? Are you looking application for free? Are you looking for leaked video to download? If all the answer is yes! Then you are at right place snaptube is the ultimate application which can provide you direct downloading from any website. Simply you have to install this application in your device so that you can use it is. Installing this application you need to visit 9Apps app Store where you can get this application link for downloading. You will not get this application in Google Play Store because Google Play Store restrict this types of software which are used for pirated downloading. As youTube is also Google branch and as per YouTube guidelines the applications which page information for downloading video from YouTube are band. So you will get this application only in official site of snaptube or in 9Apps Store we have provided you direct download links of 9Apps so that you can easily install this application for downloading and uploading other software and games from 9Apps. Simply you have to click the download button to get that application in your device.

How download YouTube video using snaptube?
Download YouTube video with the help of snaptube first of all you need to install this application in your mobile after that open the application and search YouTube videos then click on the YouTube URL and copy the URL and paste it to snaptu it will provide you a direct download links of YouTube video.

Is snaptube a safe site code download?
Yes! snaptube is safe for downloading audio and video files. It does not contain any Malware or virus basically the function of this application is to provide direct download links of video by fetching the server information of the URL path.

About 9Apps Store:

9Apps basically provide platform for end user for downloading software and games if you are looking for download snaptube you have to use 9Apps for downloading snaptube in your mobile or PC.

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vidmate latest version download

Vidmate is one of the most powerful application which directly download files from server to hard drive/sd card. If you are looking for updates in your application then you are at right place. Vidmate update 2019 is almost done and if you are using older version of this application then it’s right time to update your file.

Vidmate update 2019 focus on latest technology which are streaming media are using for not downloading their videos and audio so that they get engaged on the website only to overcome this problem with maid has focus on cloud based server so that it can easily download any multimedia content which is present online. You have to updates your vidmate application for doing this you have to check your vidmate installation updates and if you updates is older than you have options to update it from there but you if you are not familiar with the way of update then you can directly download the file from website and updated. If you are still facing problem while updating the file then you have to install the vidmate application at first then download the latest version of vidmate and installing it in your mobile.

Vidmate update latest version are capable of downloading HD quality videos from social media website and video websites, the latest version also optimise the video at the time of downloading if you are doubting video for your smartphone then only mobile compatible video will be downloaded and if you are doubting for PC then PC support optimise video will be downloaded. Both PC and mobile have different resolution so whenever you are downloading any files in your mobile you have to focus on mobile Nation multimedia content worldly and if you are downloading video in PC then you have to focus on PC support file only in this way you can save your data as well as time.

About Vidmate download

To download vidmate application we have provided you a direct download links so that you can easily download and install the application in your smartphone for PC. Which meat is completely free so you do not have to pay any amount at the time of it does not have even any registration panel so you have to just only download and use the application without any barrier. The application is so simple that even a kids can understand how to download any files without office application.

Download vidmate from 9Apps

Ultimate platform for different software and games you will get almost all the software and games download link in this application and if you are doing for vidmate you have to install 9Apps in your mobile and then search vidmate in the search box it will show you latest as well as old version of vidmate simply pick the latest version of vidmate and install it in your device.

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Monday, 18 March 2019

How to Download and Install the Spotify App on Mobile

In the advent of technology, people are operating smart phone to operate new apps for entertainment. Numerous entertainment tool is available now that allows users to download music and videos on their device. Spotify is now available in India and crosses over 1 million users within 1week. This application comes with the premium version. Without any issues, people might able to operate it on their android mobile for downloading music. This is a music tool which allows numbers of people to download songs on their mobile. To access the app, you need to be a member of the tool. It let users search and download elegantly on the phone.

Spotify App

What are the features of Spotify?

It is considered as one of well-known music platform around the globe. It allows users to access on mobile and Pc. The app gives ad-free experience to all users. In the too, one can search for any music easily with the latest features. There is no restriction to use it on any type of android mobile phone. It helps users to search for music content anywhere at any time. A different version of the music streaming app exists online. Music lovers might choose any app that fits your android device. The application gives 100% satisfaction solution to clients.

  • We have listed here features of the app
  • User listen to the high quality of songs
  • Play any song at any time
  • Simple to use
  • No advertisement on searching songs

Why download the Spotify app?

The music application assists android users to find any kinds of music quickly on their device. It is a popular app among millions of people. It assists you to listen and download your favorite songs. It contains different categories which help people to search for content based on the category.  The tool lets smartphone users download music free. However,  it increases the streaming of music online. It takes only a few steps to complete the installation.  When compared to other apps you might download songs faster.

Spotify App

How to install Spotify on an Android device?

  The application gives the right solution to smartphone users.  It has awesome features to download latest songs with good quality in your android phone. We are explained simple steps to install the app on your android phone.

  • You need to find and download a new version of the apk and save on your internal or external storage
  • Choose the apk file that you download on your device
  • Now, you receive a notification which allows this source or not. Click on allow option
  • You have to enable unknown resource on your phone settings
  • Click on install option to install the application
  • Once installation completed successfully, then the user might elegant to open the tool
  • Import playlist and select songs and listen to it with no ads

So, explore all information about the music streaming app and access it on your phone.

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Tuesday, 12 March 2019

bangla 9apps

All in one Bangla applications for your smartphone to communicate in Bengali with the help of 9Apps. The tools provide you both English to Bengali and vice versa translation, it also provide you bangla keyboards so that you can even write in Bengali. If you are not familiar with writing Bengali then you can only speech and it will record your voice and write in Bengali. This feature make this application a strong. You can easily talk in Bangla but when is come about writing Bengali then it’s quite difficult so most of the Bengali images such as Bangla typing tutorial or speech to notes Bangla so that they can speak and it will write in Bengali this tool is helpful for those person who used to communicate in their regional language.

The advantage of this applications are as follow:

  • The tools is easily available and installed in any operating system.
  • Tiny size but with strong traditional language communication.
  • Consumes less mobile battery and online data.
  • All social media support this rules to write in Bengali language like Facebook, and many more.
  • Do not need to configure your keywords simply you have to install this applications and it will configure as your second default keyboard.
  • You have options to convert English to Bangla and vice versa and also hindi to Bangla.
  • Single clicks to send your message in your WhatsApp, facebook, Google Allo, Twitter, GMail, SMS etc. You only have to select the text and it will show you options to share.

9apps to download apps

If you like this application then you have to install it in your smartphone for that you need a third party app store in your mobile which is 9Apps. 9apps is the only application where you will get this Tools for free not worry this 9Apps considered almost all the applications and games for free. So first of all you need to install Linux in your smartphone after that you have to search Bangla apps it will show you search result of Apps related to Bangla, now you have to choose the applications and start installing it in your smartphone as soon as it will be finished the work you are ready to use the tool.

Is 9Apps safe to download applications and game?
Yes! 9Apps is a platform for app store where you can get all the applications and games download links for free.

What is the use of nine app store?
9Apps is a platform for all kinds of applications, games, wallpaper, themes, ringtones it is just like a Google Play Store or microsoft Store. The only difference is that all the applications in 9Apps are free to download.

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Thursday, 7 March 2019

zomato 9apps

Zomato is one of the most famous food delivery app in India covering almost 24 countries. It’s a platform to provide churches food nearby you so that you can order at affordable rate. The application is available on 9Apps if you are looking to download Zomato so that you can order and search restaurant nearby you then you have to download and install 9Apps. And then open 9Apps search box to find zomato application.

Zomato provide reviews and rating system of delivery and Restaurant so whatever you like you can give your own rating and reviews for the particular restaurant. The pattern bring multiple options to the customer who loves to have food of different taste it’s bring all the restaurant together for you.

Features of Zomato

  • Fastest delivery of food covering almost 24 countries.
  • Search options to find restaurants, cafe, bars, pubs at nearby location to order for home delivery or in office or in parties.
  • You can find your own restaurant with to home which you like to order, even your favourite restaurant are available on this platform you can directly order with Zomato.
  • It contains almost all information about restaurant like menus, pictures, direction, phone number, famous for, reviews, rating, and all other information which would need on restaurant.
  • It contains food delivery timing of each restaurant that is which restaurant are available right now for you suppose that you are ordering food at night then it will show you the restaurants which are available on night only.
  • You have options to find best burgers and pizza at your preferred location with date and time. Zomato will deliver you at the cloud date and time.
  • You have options to share your food is moment with the help of this application,
    You only need to download the matter applications in your smartphone and capture the pictures all video and share it to this application.
  • The application have map view so that you can explore restaurant around you or get direction specific area you can also draw a circle to search in a specific area to get restaurant.
  • The apps is also touch with social media to find your friends where they are doing parties and eating food and what they like.

Download 9apps

Zomato are available is almost all App Store you have to download this application with the help of App Store if you don’t have any application store still in your smartphone then try 9Apps it is one of the best and free applications available for all types of your applications give example you can download software games and wallpaper with the help of this store.

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Wednesday, 6 March 2019

viber 9apps

Viber is a free chat and calling apps which can be instantly install in your smartphone. Almost 1 billions users are using Viva for communication through data, it allows you to text messaging, audio, video, file transfer and all are done with the highly secure encryption Technology so that whatever the message you are sending or receiving will be secure. The application is available on 9Apps, google Play Store and other top digital store company.

The application is completely free and available on almost all app store you only need internet connection in your phone to communicate, it work on 2G, 3G, wi-fi. Make your national as well as international call using this application today most of the user use this applications to communicate with their friends, family, colleagues, work and business purpose.

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Monday, 4 March 2019

9apps shareit

Download shareit the best sharing apps to share your documents, movies, videos, music, wallpaper, image and many more in just a single click the apps is available in 9Apps Store. Not only this even you can share your applications and games with the help of this software. Shareit stable or connection protocol between two device which is faster than bluetooth and even NFC. Previously we use bluetooth or USB to transfer files from one device to another device but the problem was that the speed of bluetooth is quite slow and even if the device contain any Malware or malicious data it also transfer to the other device. Transferring files with the help of bluetooth was not secure because sometime it may be hacked by other software programmer due to their own purpose. Sometime it get corrupted so we have to again stabilize the correction and then transfer the file so it takes lot of time with the help of this technology. But in case of share it you don’t need to worry about Malware because the application is so Robot that whenever I transfer any file to another file it scan the file and if it is OK then it provide a download process.

Features of shareit: Fastest transfer: Account transfer very fastly as compared to Bluetooth and highest speed of share it is 20m per second. Data encryption and decryption so that you don’t need to worry about Data loss while transferring from one medium to another medium.

All types of file support:Shareit support all types of File transfer which include games, Photos, videos, music, images, installed apps and other internet files.

Shareit has inbuilt multimedia player so that you can watch HD and download and transfer any playlist with the help of this application it can also provide you high quality songs and thousands of movies and videos.

How to install it in Android mobile?

To install shareit in your smart smartphone you need to download the files with the help of nine app store after that when you install you have to enable third party resource so that I can easily install in your Android phone. Share it needs permissions to access your phone you have to allow the permission so that it can complete your installation process in your mobile.

Is shareit application is safe for use?
Yes share it is an application which are recommended by most of the users and even IT team also use this applications to transfer the files so it’s completely safe to use.

9Apps store provide old shareit versions from old to latest if you want applications for your smartphone then you have to visit to share it mobile version and if you Like for PC or laptop by sun then you have to choose PC version of shareit.


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Saturday, 2 March 2019

9apps download uc browser

Uc-browser is an app that provide a platform to world wide web services to browse http, ftp and https file present in server. You can download this browser with the help of app store. UC browser is famous for its light weight version which provides fastest and Secure opening of any website. To download this application you need to open 9Apps Store and then search UC Browser it will show you latest as well as old version of this web browser you have to choose the version and then start downloading the browser so that you can use this browser for opening files present in server.

uc-browser is a software program that allow the users as a client to access server to display, access, locate web pages over internet. The function of web browser is to translate and deliver files from Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), File Transfer Protocol (FTP), email handling or secure HTTP (HTTPS) to human readable content. Uc-browser has inbuilt application that is plugins to display video, audio and game contents.

Features of UC Browser:

  • Lightweight: Keeping in mind that browsers are now mostly used in mobile, so this application can work on both platform on mobile as well as computer. The five side of browser is only 2MB, but the tools is so strong that it can handle any web query.
  • Fast browsing: It is optimise to browse fastly even if you are using heavy content like multimedia files to view on the browser.
  • Incognito browsing : Use Incognito mode when you are using some hot surfing which you don’t want to display to others.
  • QR Code: The browser support scan a QR code so that you can access any hidden or secure level website too.
    UI Design: The user interface of browser is very simple anyone can access and open website with the help of this browser.
  • Import & Export : The browser tools help you to import and export data to different file format like XML. Even you can bookmark your favorite website with the help of bookmarks tool.
  • Multi-Tabs: Manage multiple tabs in single window so that you can navigate any tab on the same window.

Download UC browser from 9Apps

If you are looking for UC Browser to download then you are at right place with the help of 9Apps App Store you can download UC Browser very easily. 9Apps is a platform for software and games for users, so that they can download games and application for their uses uses.

Is 9apps a safe platform to download?
Yes! 9apps is one of the safest and Secure platform where you can download any types of applications, and games for free.

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