Saturday, 24 November 2018

9Apps – Single Source to Download Any Android Apps

9Apps Apk

Almost every Android user might have heard about 9apps. Do you think 9apps is the place to buy third party android apps for free? Well, it’s right, but apart from that, it’s not only about third-party apps. Instead, it includes many more additional features that we people can’t think of. 9apps is one of the best app stores which include more number of software apps.

Due to its secure service, many people are using these app stores with which they can get explore and discover newly developing apps day by day. This app store provides the user the facility to download apps with virus free and free of cost.

9Apps Top most features 2018

Do you want any platform to download a huge amount of trusted android apps ? Are you looking for the way? Often confused about what is a good app or what’s not? If yes, then your search stops here. Now take a look at the most interesting app store that is 9apps apk, which gives the best platform to download trouble free apps at no cost.

Its best features as follows,

  • It includes simple to use user interface, so the even new user can easily use this app
  • Since it is of size about 2.17mb, it requires less memory space on the user device
  • It offers high download speed to download any apps
  • It includes an inbuilt installer and file manager
  • With a just single tap, the user can update the app
  • It is available in 14 different languages
  • It supports almost all operating system

How to install 9Apps app store on an Android device?

9apps apk supports almost every OS type, so follow the steps as per your device OS and enjoy utilizing the advanced apps for free.

Steps To Install 9apps Via Apk File

  1. Visit the authorized website of 9apps i.e. in your device
  2. Login to the site
  3. Once you log in, the user will be able to find the download button
  4. Click on the respective link to perform downloading
  5. Once it completes downloading, click on it to install
  6. Press finish and ready to use

Steps To Install 9apps Apk On Android Device

  1. Before starting downloading steps, you need to do some changes in settings
  2. Go to settings>security> and enable the unknown source to install
  3. Now open any web browser
  4. In the search box, type,
  5. Visit authorized site and click on download 9apps apk link
  6. After downloading, click on it to install 9apps
  7. Once it prompts the installation completes, you can use 9apps app store

Steps to Install 9apps Apk on iOS Device

  1. At first, do some changes in settings
  2. Go to settings>security>enable unknown sources
  3. Open the web browser and search 9apps
  4. Click on the 9apps link to download it
  5. Once it downloads, go to the download folder
  6. Find 9apps apk file and click on it for further installation
  7. Once it completes, you can use 9apps.

9apps apk are available for different platforms, and it includes simple steps to download. Follow the instructions and enjoy the full benefits of 9apps.

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Thursday, 22 November 2018

Which app store is best for Samsung mobile?

here are many store that can be suited for Samsung mobiles. The store facilitate speed and accuracy on the mobile phones for running the different apps. The various app store is listed below.


It is the most widely used app store in the world. Its convenient.

  • It is used for downloading games. Various games can be installed and played
  • It provides streaming of various music and videos. People can watch there favourites within seconds
  • People can purchase books and help them to educate childrens and for themselves.
  • The users can watch their favourite shows because of the websites like hotstar and voot.
  • We can get information about new of the weather and the tropical changes.


The features are best suited for Samsung mobiles as they are inbuilt and fast because of the same company handling the authourity of publishing and running  of the app store. There are almost 13000 users of the store. It is the most user friendly for samsung mobiles


They get the maximum revenue generation from the store. it has also the tie up with YANDEX one of Russia’s biggest search index. They work vice versa for each other. There has been around 200000 apps working on it.

9APPS Store

The store helps in getting in touch with latest apps available in the market. It helps in getting the wallpapers and games which can be played later through google play store.


There may be many app store in the market. Every one has its pros and cons. The user can decide which app store to use among  the lot and they decide according to their requirements

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Wednesday, 21 November 2018

tubemate download

Are you looking for download video and music easily with the help of direct download option from the net on your device. If Yes? Then you are at right place to TubeMate support all file format with auto detection tools that fatch information or video URL which is present in YouTube and other video websites. It is one of the most powerful download major tools with the help of these You can pause and resume download whenever you want even you have options to download in the background at the same time when you are working on the mobile or computer. It will not yours your memory or CPU it’s make a cloud to client Technology so that it can easily download video. You can video whenever you want while downloading so that you can get information that you are doing the right video.

Features of tubemate

  1. TubeMate provide built-in functions to download video from web browser using adons.
  2. Tubmate has inbuilt player you can play video offline with player
  3. It support almost all file format including mp3, m4a, mp4, m4v, mov, avi, wmv, doc, xls, pdf, txt, etc.
  4. detect auto Options video audio from web sites.


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Monday, 19 November 2018

new 9apps


Today’s world is evolving faster than any one could think. For this,we require to get in knowledge with the various application store. From them we can download many application of our use. There are various app store like google play store, new 9 app store, i tune store, Samsung store, mi store.  etc.  people can use them as per there convenience.


The new 9apps store provide the different software’s to run on the personal computer as well as the mobile phones. The user can download and install the multimedia and games  for themselves. The user can also check the ratings of the software and get the best lot available. It is also free or we can say at no cost. The app can be updated when required. The apps on the 9 apps can be uninstalled without any mind boggle in case we get into trouble. The data theft can be monitored and censorship is applied in case of such situation on any paid apps. The  9apps store can provide the facility of repairing of any sort.


  • It is beautifully crafted and perfectly organized
  • We can track daily activities for our use
  • There are the lists of various tips and tricks
  • There is the presence of lists of various softwares
  • The games and application of the day features is also available
  • Search facility is also available
  • Details of every application is provided


There is the risk of cyber threat to any of the application store. This is not necessarily under the control of  IT department. The people of digital marketing world makes many apps and for this they need a  fixed solution about the use of there apps protection. So we can say that the people should also be familiar with the cyber threats in the  marketing world.


9apps store is the better options for the user. It is also fast, accurate and user friendly. We highly recommend the use of 9 apps store.

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Saturday, 17 November 2018

download facebook lite apk latest version for android

Today its easier to chat with friends and stay conected to them anywhere and anytime. Facebook proides a platform to do this.

download facebook from 9apps


  • We can now connect with friends on social media
  • We can update our status and use fb emoji to express ourself
  • Photo sharing and memories can be interchanged easily
  • Posts notification and liking and sharing of photos and videos can be done on it
  • Anyone can organize a meeting or event for a good cause
  • Games can be played with friends
  • Photo albums can be maintained for future reference
  • News about celebrities and companies can be found anytime
  • Local businesses can be shared with the people without hard effort
  • Fb marketplace helps us to find products to buy or sell
  • Live videos can be viewed anywhere

Facebook not only helps in staying connected, but does more than that. It also helps in storing and sharing of photos and we can keep them private and public as per our wish.

Facebook helps in getting news about our favourite celebrities and businesses and sports etc. we can also get live streaming of videos and feeds that we can share with anyone we wish.

Th features of facebook are available on the apps also. We can write on the timeline, browse people, editing of profiles and groups. The beta tester will be launched in 2019.

Firefox addons that stops Facebook from tracking

Facebook Messenger

facebook download 9apps free

Lite for Facebook app APK download from 9apps

Facebook lite download 9apps | FB lite download 9apps APK – 2017


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Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Flipkart application download for android mobile latest version

The flipkart application is the best and most widely used for the purchase of products. It has wide range  of products and at a click of keys.  It has been easily readily available to the use of customer. It is the best app that is used by customers.  So  people are free from searching products here and there as they used to do earlier.

Flipkart app & its usages

The use of the application are plotted down.

  1. We must know firstly how to install the applications For apple phones we must visit the ITUNES and click on the downloader to  install the applications.For android phones  we must download it from the PLAY STORE and use install it within a minute.For windows phone we have to download it from the phone store and use it. Now moving on to next picture.
  2. How to get in to the application.We must start with the application with entering the email id and mobile number. And start selecting the products of your interest and demand.
  3. What do we see when we enter the application We see the different  diversification of the products, that means  electronic goods,fashion products and books  and a lot more. There are various offers available and also deals of the day with good discount because it is a direct to customer company. We also get in easy process of placing orders  of various products as easy as clciking on it. We can also keep and save the the products for future purchases  by keeping it on the cart.
  4. Payment processes We can pay for the purchases easily by UPI and PHONE PE. We will be directed to the gateway within a few clicks.

Thus, we can say that it is a good and easy  and affordable methods of purchasing the products.

Why to use 9apps for apps downloading?

We got to know that why we should use 9apps because it’s a free application and very easy to use it. It helps in getting faster and secure to get the transactions.

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brain dots full version latest game download for android

Once in a while you should challenge your brain with brain teasers or any things which involve the use of your brain but also it just be fun like game, so now there is a game in which you got some challenge which requires your basic physics intellect to complete the round the game is called brain dot in this game you get a pictorial puzzle  which you need to solve with some basic physics knowledge. In order to download this game you need to hop to play store and on the search bar type brain dot and hit download after it is downloaded open it and login with your account set a record.

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8 ball pool free download full latest version for pc

Well you probably have been to pool parlor which obliviously is fun but sometimes you don’t have enough time to visit a pool parlor and you are left back wondering that might there exist a way to play pool with your friends without visiting the pool parlor and investing ample amount of time in it. Well guess what there is a game named “8 ball pool “ which offers you amazing graphics leaving you with an exuberant experience you have create a join your friends server and play a challenging game. To download this game absolutely free all you need to do is open play store and on search box type 8ball pool and hit the search button . after the search is squeezed down as you desired it to be just click on install to install the game on your android smart phone . once the game is downloaded create your profile and create your server and invite your friends and play the challenging game and enjoy.

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talking tom app download and install latest version

Well sometimes you might be feeling very lonely and just want to talk to somebody but not seriously but only for fun. Well guess what we got an app just situated for you guys named “talking tom”. Using this app a cat will pop on the screen which will repeat whatever you would say and you could also give them tingles by touching them all over his body. Now how would you download this app for free . you need to go over play store and enter “talking tom “on the search bar once the search has arrived click on download .  once you have the app just access it and enjoy talking to your personal cat.

Once in a while you should challenge

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Indian Girls Live Chat dating app

Wechat download for Samsung free APK app


Magisto app APK download for Android mobile – 2017


download 9apps for hot and sexy applications for the android


Free Anonymous Chat Rooms Anti Chat Free chat dating app download 9app


Stardunk Free chat Free chat dating app download 9app


Stardunk Free chat dating app download 9app


TigerText Secure Messenger App Free chat dating app download 9app






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XX Video Downloader


Hot star on Google download from 9apps


Hot star app feature download from 9apps


download 9apps apk for hot and sensual apps


download 9apps for hot and sexy applications for the android





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Where is my train apk download latest version free

9Apps for downloading “Where is my train”



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Tuesday, 13 November 2018

how to download clash of clans latest version game for free

Once in a while you might have wondered to play a game which requires some kind of strategies or a game in which we have our own kingdom and we fight other kingdom to win the gold and wealth of that kingdom but most often we got stuck with some racing games and single player boring games . but there is one famous game where we can create our own kingdom or clan  and train our troops and fight and battle using our troops we can also build our defense in order to resist attack on our clan . This cool game is called clash of clan. Here you can build your clan and upgrade them until they become undefeatable. You can also upgrade your troops and what not. This is a full package of leadership and mind strategies. This game is available on play store. To download this game head to play store and click The Name “clash of clan” on the search bar and then download the game. Once the game is downloaded login via Facebook or Gmail account.  At first you will see nothing but empty field and a hut which is called the town hall which often is believed to be the heart of your kingdom. Then you have to build a safe and super defensive town for the people in your kingdom. Now without wasting any further time just hope on to your phone and download this game and enjoy this game.

download steps of clash of clans latest version game  free

method 1 :  with browser add-ons like google chrome and mozila firefox

method 2: From apps downloader like 9apps game store




9app download installed Apk apps & games for Android – 2018

Download 9Apps | Free Download Install 9Apps APK App 2018


Install 9app | Free download & install 9apps APK version 2018

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Saturday, 10 November 2018

Use Vidmate App for Downloading Videos and Movies

The vidmate app can gained popularity due to one solid reason and it can provide versatile functionality. We can help the user in downloading. It is not a video but it also has other apps and games. Most of this video has been downloading the app and they are confined to only downloading the videos. But we can install the vidmate and it can give it users to the extended functionality.

It can also have apps and games for any websites. It can comprise a video converter and we   can convert from one video format to another. We have to download e everything within this app. some of this apps have to download the video from different sources and it can need the link to download it. we   have to switch between the multiple apps and it can make a lengthy process.

vidmate app

 Functions’ Of Vidmate

The date is one of the versatile apps and we   have to download videos and games. 15 million people can justify the popular; entry of the app. so we are domain for downloading the videos cannot be limited to Hollywood content. We   can also download all types of movies songs etc.we have to describe all the attributes of this app. It makes the users fee-free off downloading videos. There we can see thousands of apps can be available in the marketplace.

Download Vidmate App

First of all, we have to download the vidmate app and we need to go to the settings and select the menu and install it. This process is for the unknown sources and it can allow the unknown sources. We have to click on the vidmate app file from our memory. It has got from the location and then follows the instructions carefully to complete the installation. This installation can be and our video downloader can be installed. And it is ready for use.

Analysis of Vidmate

This vidmate app can enable we   to capture the unlimited downloads of videos. This app can be free of cost for downloading all the movies and apps. We   have to attain the cases of viewing all live TVs and channels. This vidmate apk can grant an admirable mode of downloading speed my download tube without any obstacles.

Features of Vidmate App

First we   have to search about this app and view. then we   can download it  from we  tube by using the vidmate app. by the use of the same  we  tube has to  access  and download the contents  of several  special media  applications like  we  tube , facebook, Instagram , Dailymotion etc.

This vidmate app can be inbuilt the web browser and it can be used as a web browser  for the smartphone. This type of application can be default the auto-suggestion option and we   can view and download the latest of trending videos. It can be works exactly in the same way. We tube has trending videos module.

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Friday, 2 November 2018

9Apps Xender

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9apps for oppo

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9apps for vivo

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9apps for Huawei

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9apps for mac 2019

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9apps for android 2019

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9apps for ios 2019

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9apps download fast 2019

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